NSIT Global partnered with Samsung for Comprehensive Mobile Device Security & Management

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) from Samsung which is the latest version of our advanced security and management features for Samsung devices. KPE includes a number of Samsung-specific security enhancements, and complements Google’s Android Enterprise program, including Android’s built-in containerization tools such as Android Work Profile. For enterprises requiring high security, Knox Workspace (an optional feature of KPE) provides an encrypted container to isolate business applications and data. This creates a dual persona device: Work data is protected in the encrypted container, while employees can still download and use personal apps on their device. Within Knox Workspace is a Samsung-unique feature called Sensitive Data Protection (SDP), that allows work data to be encrypted within Knox Workspace during runtime, meaning the device is powered on, as opposed to the industry norm, which only encrypts data at rest when the device is powered down.


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